Here at Burnbrae Holidays, our aim is for you to be safe while staying here. We have therefore changed some of our policies and actions to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Our actions include those advised by the Scottish Government, to reduce the spread of Covid-19. We aim to protect you while staying at Burnbrae Holidays and to protect ourselves as we live next door.

As of 19th December 2020, Burnbrae Holidays is closed until at least January 30th 2021. During this time we welcome bookings from March 2021.

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I have carried out a Covid-19 Risk assessment for Short-Term Self-Catering Properties as recommended. From this, we have decided to:-

  • Leave the cottage empty for a night between each booking to allow time for any virus in the air in the cottage to have time to deactivate or be removed from the cottage and to allow for extra cleaning to be completed.
  • The information leaflets and an information folder will be left in your cottage.
  • I have purchased extra duvets and pillows so we can change duvets, pillows, mattress protectors (as well as bed linen and towels) between guests.
  • We will leave instructions for the equipment in the cottage for you.
  • We have closed for a night either side of each booking to let the cottage 'air' and to give us time to carry out the extra cleaning.
  • Welcome trays (with home baking) are optional, and we have removed some of the extra items in the cottages to make cleaning and sanitising easier.
  • We have purchased extra duvets, pillows, mattress protectors, pillow protectors, cushions, bed throws (as well as bed linen) so these can be changed between guests. They are removed from the cottage and stored and between guests for a minimum of 72 hours for the virus to deactivate.

We are implementing extra cleaning as per the very detailed guidelines from the Scottish Government. I have completed the recommended Covid-19 - Holiday Let Cleaning Course. We follow the clean then disinfect policy. We provide a bottle of anti-viral spray in your cottage. We have purchased a vacuum cleaner for each cottage, with modern filters to help prevent the virus from being sucked up then blown back into the air.

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Good To Go

To show that we are taking precautions, as advised by the Scottish Government, and are ready to open to guests we have been awarded the Good to Go Award by Visit Britain.

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Unfortunately Master Cancel insurance cover is no longer available on new bookings. For those who have booked with MasterCancel cover their booking will still be covered for cancellation between 60 and 2 days prior to arrival date. If you would like more clarification please contact me me for more details about your individual booking.

Welcome tray with home baking awaits your arrival

Your Arrival

We will leave your cottage unlocked for your arrival. We will come and visit you (socially distanced outside), to welcome you and answer any questions which you may have. We have left lots of instructions of what we would normally tell you when we would have shown you in. Please feel free to phone or come and see us if we can help you make the most of your holiday, we live next door.

The laundry is a shared space, with washing machine, tumble drier, a bookcase of games and books. If you would like to enter the laundry please ask me first and I will clean and sanitize the room for you and after you have used it. There is a charge of £2 per machine per load.

·We will not be supplying hand sanitiser, instead, we will provide extra soap as “Viruses can be active outside the body for hours, even days. Disinfectants, liquids, wipes, gels and creams containing alcohol are all useful at getting rid of them – but they are not quite as good as normal soap”. Coronavirus and soap.

Please bring your own hand sanitiser if you prefer to use it

We are open all year.

Burnbrae Holiday cottages are ideal for ‘getting away from it all’, a quiet, peaceful retreat. We can advise you on many local walks, places to explore by foot or by bike. We have a storage room where you can store your bike and borrow the key for the length of your stay. Each cottage has a drying room in case the weather has been 'Scottish'. We have many of the local OS maps for you to borrow.

Thain cottage living room with wood burning stove.

Your Departure

On the morning of your departure please: - ( these instructions are also in your cottage).

  • Put the dishwasher on with as much of the crockery and cutlery (which you have used) in it. Please leave it running on a normal cycle i.e. do not open or empty it once it has completed its cycle.
  • Please strip your bed. Put bedlinen and all used towels into the laundry basket. Empty all bins & recycling into the correct wheelie bin in the recycling area. (Black bin for rubbish and a blue-lidded bin for recycling as listed in your cottage).
  • Leave all cottage windows open. Leave the cottage key on the dining table and your cottage unlocked, if the weather is dry please leave the front door open.

If you have other suggestions as to how we can all be kept safe please let us know, as our aim is for you to have a relaxing, enjoyable holiday while we all stay well.

The latest evidence published in The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine illustrates that information and knowledge are evolving all the time. Currently, it is thought that the virus can live on some common household surfaces for:

Surface TypePresentNo Longer Present
Air2-3 hours
Paper & tissue30 min3 hours
Copper4 hours8 hours
Wood Cloth Cardboard1 day2 days
Glass2 days4 days
Plastic & Stainless steel4 days*7 days

*This is based on testing initially, then at 4 days and then 7 days, when the virus was entirely neutralised.