Environmentally Friendly Cottage in Scottish Borders, south Scotland

Our one-bedroom, eco-friendly cottages in the heart of the Scottish Borders have been created with environmental impact in mind. We aim to ensure that the overall effect of our business activities is eco-friendly, enhances the local environment and has minimal detrimental impact on the wider environment, including impact on the availability of resources in the future. We have recently rejoined the Green Tourism and been awarded silver grade. We have previously held the gold award and aim to again. You can learn more about this scheme at Green Tourism.

Looking for an Eco friendly cottage in the Scottish Borders? Look no further!

EV car charging free for our guests

Our Green Policy for Our Eco-Friendly cottages

We manage Burnbrae eco-friendly holiday cottages taking care to minimise the negative effects which Burnbrae Holiday cottages has on the environment both local, and world wide. Where possible we will continue to improve the impact, we have on the local and planet environment. If you have any suggestions as how we can improve please let us know.

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  • We will use social media to increase awareness of our eco-friendly cottages and to share information, to educate us and others on ideas to reduce the use of plastics and to save our planet.

  • We correspond with our guests where possible by email & phone to reduce the amount of paper which we use.
  • Improve access for people to see wildlife
This woodpecker is feeding on the dead tree by the Eden Water at the bottom of our field.

Social responsibility

  • All cottages have a high level of thermal insulation.
  • We use low-energy or LED light bulbs, where practicable and appropriate.
  • During winter 2018/2019 we have planted 1767 native trees. We will continue to look after them in as eco-friendly way as time permits us to do so.
  • We plan on improving our pond for native wildlife.
  • We reinstate dry stone walls.
  • We will continue to repair stone and slate buildings.
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  • We continue to monitor and maintain our solar panels. We maintain a record of how much electricity they produce.
  • We purchase electricity (to top up the electricity that the solar panels produce) from a renewable energy supplier who assures us that all of the power supplied is generated from renewable resources.
  • All of our heating and hot water is heated by a biomass, (wood pellet) boiler. We monitor the heat produced and heat used to maintain efficient, eco-friendly cottages.
  • We use lower temperature washes in the washing machine.
  • We dry all laundry on an outside line whenever the weather is dry.
  • We use rechargeable batteries whenever possible
  • We encourage everyone to turn off devices and lights when not in use.
  • We have replaced light bulbs with energy efficient LED ones as they have needed replacing.
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  • We collect and utilise rainwater.
  • We avoid hanging baskets of flowering plants.
  • We carefully restrict water flow to the taps to ensure that you have plenty, but it is not wasted.
EV car charging free for our guests


  • We promote cycling by providing a lockable cycle shed to encourage guests to bring their bikes and to use them to explore the beautiful Borders countryside. There are many cycle routes locally to Burnbrae Holidays.
  • We encourage guests to arrive by electric vehicle. We have installed a 22kw EV charging point which is free to use for our guests.
  • While we are keen to encourage visitors to see the Scottish Borders on foot and by cycling, we are conscious of the fact that this is not always possible. Information about walking and cycle routes is provided in your cottage and we are happy to talk with you about routes. We provide drying facilities and a lockable cycle store. Our efforts have been acknowledged by award of the designations "Walkers Welcome" and "Cyclists Welcome" from Visit Scotland.
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  • We ask guests to segregate uncooked vegetable, glass, metal /plastic /paper /card waste. We compost what we can and use it in the garden. Waste and some recycling is collected and we transport the remainder to Kelso for recycling, when we are travelling in already, i.e. taking the environment into consideration.
  • We will continue to remove litter from the roadside and other areas
Come and relax in the cottage garden at Burnbrae Holidays


  • During winter 2018/2019 we have planted 1600 native trees.
  • Onsite we grow and harvest fuel for the wood-burning stoves.
  • We will continue to instruct guests on setting the wood burning stoves to minimize smoke
  • We have a beehive and were given some bees from Kelso High School where Ben was one of the first pupils in Scotland to achieve his Nat 5 in Bee keeping.
  • We hope to sell honey from our bees to our guests and to use the wax to make eco friendly cosmetics and bees wax food wraps.
  • We will continue to enhance habitat for native wildlife of various kinds. We regularly see stoat, hares, woodpecker, buzzard, heron. We occasionally see sparrow hawk, barn owls otters and red kite.
  • We will continue to feed the many birds which visit the cottage garden including robins, tits, tree sparrows, house sparrows, woodpeckers.
  • We will continue to improve access for all to see wildlife.
  • We avoid where possible cleaning products containing chlorine.
  • Our cottages are non-smoking.
We have a bee hive in Sam's wood, field


  • Onsite we grow and harvest fuel for the wood-burning stoves.
  • We use timber furnishings and fittings in lieu of plastics, where practicable.
  • The toilet rolls, kitchen rolls and tissues, which we provide are made from recycled paper.
  • We use water-based paints
  • We purchase energy efficient appliances
  • On our welcome tray we offer home grown flowers and home made baking.
Admire the magnificent view over the cottage garden to the Eden Water and Cheviot Hills from your south facing conservatory


  • We aim to promote an eco-friendly culture for those visiting our eco-friendly cottages here in the Scottish Borders.

We are all learning. We would like to hear of any suggestions you have for improving our environmental policy or its implementation.